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chainmail juggling balls by DonaIvanova chainmail juggling balls by DonaIvanova
18ga nickel silver and enameled copper wire, 3.5mm ID rings.

Each of these has apporximately 750 rings in it. These were a gift for my brother. He still needs two more, one of which I've finished, and the other I intend to do by Christmas.

These take forever. Ok, so I guess it's not too long, but each ball was taking me about 8 hours of solid work. I think the latest one I finished only took me about 6, but that's still quite a while for something so small. When finished, they're only about 5.5cm in diameter (~2 1/4" for if you prefer English measurements).
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GuizZmo Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007
how i would like to juggle with these balls, it must be so cool^^
great work:)
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2007
Thanks! Now if only I could get myself motivated to finish the 5th one...
GuizZmo Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2007
Kosjenka Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2007   Artisan Crafter
Wow, this is splendid! I never thought that something like tihs could be done! :wow::wow:
Simply amazing! :worship:
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007
Thank you very much. =)
3dsniper Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
these..are.. awsome :) are they hollow or did you stuff them (with cloth)?

I made 2 jugglingballs in AA and Ba, too lazy to finish the third (I think jugllingballs are less fun to make, specially since nobody I know juggles)

keep up the good work
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
I actually put a Harry Potter Golden Snitch in each one. The chainmail's wrapped around that. They were spherical, light (so the resulting ball wouldn't be too heavy), fairly cheap, and a good color in case it showed through the weave, which it does slightly. These were gifts to my brother, who can juggle 5. I still have one more to finish for him.
3dsniper Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2007
whow.. I can juggle 1 ball at a time... which isn't really juggling is it? ;)

or 2 in one hand if you speed it up a little ;)

hm.. I'd have to see what they are like..
GnappyAssassin Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
I'm doing a hackey sack right now, and would love to know your technique...
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
I make a band about 5 rings wide that fits around the very middle of the ball. I then add rings to each side of the band, making sure it's perfectly symetrical. In order to "take in" a row, I just grab 3 rings instead of 2 at some point in the row, and that reduces the number of rings by one. So once I have the center band, I just take it in a couple rings per row for a while, then maybe 3 per row for a couple rows, then maybe 4 on one row, and at some point I end up just gathering them all the way down to just 6 rings left, then one to hold all those 6 together at the top and bottom of the ball. It helps if you put in 3 of the 6 rings on the last row, then the center top or bottom ring, then the last 3 of the last row, if that makes sense. Otherwise the center ring is impossible. The number of rings you take in each row is entirely dependent on making the ball round, and it takes some fiddling to get the number of rings per row right for a ball of any size. I just counted the number of rings in each row of the first ball I made once it was perfect, and copied for each of the others. My current pattern for those balls is, counting from the very center row outward: 44, 44, 44 (that's the center band), 42, 42, 38, 34, 32, 28, 24, 12, 6, and one for the top/bottom. I try to make sure to keep the cinched parts from all being near the same place on the ball so that it looks more uniform.

Good luck on your hackey sack!
singsorrow Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
Are they filled with anything? These seem like they'd be good as juggling balls, though I have no experience - they'd have nice weight to them.
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
Actually, that's an interesting story... My brother and I went looking for balls to wrap in chainmail so that the end result would be the right weight, and not too heavy. We looked all over the place, and finally found this little toy shop that was selling Harry Potter golden snitches. The were the right size, and only the very center was filled with bean-like stuff, most of it was cotton, so the ball was nice and light, yet still kept a nice round shape, and they were the perfect size. So we spent the afternoon carefully clipping the little pearly white angel wings off the snitches... I felt kinda bad about it.

I think in future I'll just stuff them with cotton balls wrapped in cloth or something. Mainly because I know I'll never find those again.
singsorrow Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
Lol, you should have stocked up. I can imagine these juggling balls being popular all round.

Chainmail looks hellishly tricky.

Do they hurt the hands when you catch them?
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2006
Actually they're really soft, and don't hurt to catch at all. The chainmail gives well over a suitably squishy ball. I think they feel neat. Just about everyone who picks one up has to play with it for a while =P I know there's at least some interest in chainmail juggling balls and hackey sacks, but most people use larger rings, and actually form the ball shape by using progressively smaller rings toward the top and bottom of the ball, kinda like this: [link] Mine are way better. :nod: =P

And chainmail isn't really hard, once you get the gist. It just takes some practice, and it's time consuming to do.
Poeso Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those are awesome!
halophax02 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2006
Fricken Sweet!!
jinari-sama Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2006
I've never tried to do chains of any kind, or chainmail for that matter...looks like a LOT of work!! great job!! :D
DonaIvanova Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2006
Thanks! And thanks for the fav, too!
jinari-sama Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2006
welcome!! and thanks so much for the fav's and watch too!! :D
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